Oh look, Dronacharya raging at how begging to help his son will not work

That must be hard

Esp since it’s just one man being held back, and his son is off fighting one person, and his son is not up against literally the entire backbone of the opposing army, and he doesn’t have to watch his son being trapped in a circle and BUTCHERED to as many shreds as can still hold together a life

That one to one combat against your son on a battlefield (how dare they) must be so unfair, of course the next logical step is to get pissed and trash the world, it’s not like you were responsible for a twisted, bloodthirsty, tear-soaked, absolutely vicious parody of the same thing a couple days ago

Kyun dard hai itnaaaa, tere calorie count mein…

Soniye, dil todna hi tha, toh taste kyun banvaya…

[no wait I got this]

Oh haseena maide se ho bani, kar gayi kaisi jaadugari

Health iss dimaag se chheen hai, peth mein hai bhook bhari

Ab ghumti hoon main kitchen restaurant se har food stand

Dil mein mere hai dard-e-batura, dard-e-batura

ghadiakanya asked: Sorry if I misinterpreted your tag, but Arjun and Bheem's sons weren't the only other ones. Each of the Pandavas had wives and sons apart from Draupadi and the Uppandavas.

empresssarayu replied to your post: Both Arjun and Bheem’s sons :(
Only other ones to die? Because I just read that both Yudi and Nakula had sons from their other wives, who must have also died in the war?

Yeah I know, and yup they all die, and it HURTS D: sorry, i just meant what they were showing on the show, since idt they mentioned the other sons :S amd ghatotkach (idek how u spell it) and abhimanyu were two big stories (besides draupadi’s five sons), so i guess they werre just trying not to add things? But yeah, sorry about that! Lol sometimes it’s easier just to see the show as a separate storyline of sorts, since theyre obviously not gonna do everything exactly :)

Both Arjun and Bheem’s sons :(

Just finished up all my Rakshabandhan letters and rakhis to mail out :’)

Krishna’s fingernail had the dye from voting :)

ghadiakanya asked: I can't really offer you any comfort. I cried during today's entire episode. More like wailed like a baby. I had to go to a different room, away from my parents, so I could get a grip. I'm going crazy because these Abhi feels are ripping my heart out entirely. We'll get through this, though. We'll try. Yes?

Ugh, I always leave the room as soon as the episode ends bc of this D: abhimanyu’s story has been my fave (and the saddest) since forever - i stopped looking into the mahabharat for SO long when I read about the details the second time. I was too little when i first heard it to see it really, but then after that everything hurt every single time ARGH WHY HE WAS A BOY and it took so many men to bring him down and they KNEW that and even that fact didnt shame them into not. But then, it’s not like anything was offending their moral sensibilities at that point >.> BUT YES, WE’LL GET THROUGH THIS (with eyes full of too many tears and heart broken into too many shards, but STILL)

He was begging to go in. Begging.

Everyone in the Kaurav sena addresses him as putra or baalak. They know he’s a child, and they think of him as one, but that does nothing to stop them from butchering the boy. Yes, he held Duryodhan in place, but they stuck to the rules for everyone, for Bhismapitamah, for Arjun, for literally every single day when they stopped when the sun went down. And then they all go together on this boy. Of course it all goes downhill once you break it once, that was the whole point of Yudhistra standing firm in Hastinapur; once they twist things to kill Abhimanyu, there’s no confidence left in anyone sticking to the rules, and it all starts with all of them going on one boy. A boy.

When Krishna was talking and the camera’s focus switched from Krishna to Abhimanyu ARGH and Krishna’s face the whole time and Arjun’s face when he realized something was off but couldn’t pinpoint it and when Krishna saw Abhimanyu’s kavach fall and didn’t say anything and why the FUCK did they not show Subadra, he was her son by blood, I am so genuinely upset they didn’t spend a decent chunk of time on her in this scene WHY WOULDNT YOU SHOW SUBADRA and when they’re on the battlefield and he’s so determined to go, like he literally does not see any other option, he doesnt even consider the possibility of any other option, why