Galti se jo muskura doon, ik hassi mein sab bhula doon

Kadmo pe bhi gir jaayega, phir bhi mujhe na payega

Jaanu tum bhi ho 6 on 10, achche lagte ho now and then~

Mera jaise koi kahan 10 on 10, kaise main kisi de doon 10 on 10

SONG: Radha Kaise Na Jale
ALBUM: Lagaan

Radha Kaise Na Jale | Lagaan

Gopiyan taare hain, chaand hai Radha

Phir kyu hai usko, vishwas aadha..

Gopiyan aani jaani hai, Radha to dil ki rani hai

Madhuban mein jo kanhaiya kisi gopi se mile

Kabhi muskaaye kabhi chhede kabhi baat kare

Radha kaise na jale, radha kaise na jale

Kafiraana hai neeyat meri
Aashiqana hai seerat meri
Fasiyana hain mere iraade
Jaduaana hai maya meri

thesunshinemonster asked: HI :F


1. First impression: Haha omg so you’re like the last member of Glycodin I made friends with, so they would talk about you all the time and I’d be like “mhmm..yeah…haha…I don’t get these jokes because I’m not friends with Tiks…why are they making all these jokes about jalebees WHAT DOES #ipulledatiks MEAN how many usernames does she have HOW DO I BECOME FRIENDS WITH HERRR” and Aarti was surprised that you and I weren’t already friends bc we have similar interests, then I can’t remember who followed who first but we started talking and you were awesome and now we’re buddies and everything is so wonderful! :D

2. Truth is: you are so awesome and funny and multitalented and your fucking instagram constantly has me starving, thanks for nothing, and your face is so cute, A+++ for winning at life basically

3. How old do you look: Haha you look about 16, 17. WHY DID YOU DELETE YOUR FACE SPAM FROM INSTAGRAM

4. Have you ever made me laugh: allllll the time
5. Have you ever made me mad: nope!
6. Best feature: everything
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: yesyesyesyes
8. You’re my: sugar pie honey bunch, the toothless to my hiccup!
9. Name in my phone: n/a at the moment but in the process of being rectified!
10. Should you post this too? you already did~~





Yesh fixes all my problems and must be given a crown this has been a psa

mom and i were talking about how we both can’t stand pumpkin in anything - even pies or lattes, and she was like ‘pumpkins are like the gadhas (donkeys) of fruits and vegies’ and started laughing, then paused and was like ‘im so glad pumpkins dont have ears’

I finished all my mon/tues things BE HAPPY FOR ME PLS