Snow White | “Mirror, mirror on the wall…”

fun fact: i hum/whine/whimper/wail (depending on who you ask) the kabhi khushi kabhi gham title tune when im stressed or hurt or upset


listening to tika tell mahabharat stories like she’s my mum and I’m her two year old waiting to fall asleep

#it’s like a lullaby ilism



500% sure Yesha saw everyone (and everything) as peasants when she was 3 years old, even if she didn’t quite know the word for it yet

hated humans since ‘95

always side-eyeing people






The Ashvins | The Ashvin twins were the gods of medicine, specifically for Ayurvedic practices; both brothers are included among the devas as the court physicians. They were said to be excellent horsemen, and were also associated with the rising and setting of the sun. Each twin granted Madri a son - Nakul from Nasatya (whose name meant ‘kind’), and Sehdev from Dasra (enlighted). These twin sons of the Ashvins were the youngest of the five Pandavs in the Mahabharat.

au w/duryodhan+karna 

shakuni still doesnt believe in him = problems

status despite being crowned = problems

adopted = problems

shakuni is an idiot = LOTS of problems

dushasan doesnt like it bc hes told not to by shakuni etc, but he loves duryodhan so he comes around to karna epic-ly later

vikarna is mildly disproving bc of problems but he knows it’s not adharma so he’s fine too

krishna rolls with it

bhismapitamah doesnt roll with it, but that’s only bc he knows all the hurt Karna will face - plus he’s kinda arrogant and thinks his problem-solving is the best problem-solving

gandhari/dhristrashtra are still glaringly absent in their son’s decisions

arjun’s cool with it

karna absolutely dotes on Abhimanyu it gets a little ridiculous (Subadra gives him squinty eyes sometimes bc dude go find ur own perf human to mother)

this au means no mahabharat ok, just a big happy bharat eventually

Abhimanyu is fine

im messing with the mahabharat im so sorry

So when we went all over South India one summer to see the main mandirs and historical/etc sites, I remember my favorite was Mahabalipuram. And akjsdjkds from Krishna’s butterball (idr if it was called something else too) to all the mythology/religion-related places, I loved everything so so much. And I was just thinking today, and I remembered we went to this site called Panch Rath, and it was basically all five pandav’s ‘chariots’ in stone and  I remember being so excited the whole time. Besides Kanyakumari (the tip, where three oceans meet - you can see the three different waters and different sands and ARGH SO MUCH LOVE - but besides there, and the wooden palace near Trivendaram (? curse my spelling), Mahabalipuram was my fave. And akdjka I was just looking at old pictures from our trip four years ago, and I really want to go again some day. The first time I was kinda learning everything for the first time, so I obv missed stuff (plus I was kinda sick for part of it - first time in my whole life being sick in India it was terrible and i was so disappointed in my immune system) and I just really really really want to see it from a history/art/mythology point of view instead of as a tourist and askjdjkadsjkdj I NEED TO GO

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1. What’s your name? Avantika!
2. When’s your birthday? Nov 5
3Where are you from? Southern Cali :’) (first three years were in india tho)
4. Have a crush? sometimes i notice people’s butts but other than that not really xD idk im a friend person rn
5. What’s your favorite color? red red red ALL THE RED (and orange/yellow sometimes but RED)
6. Write something in all caps? JHOOMU DEEWANA BANKE TERE LIYEEEE
7. Got a favorite band/artist? IDK im so bad at picking so ima shuffle the first hindi and eng - sanam puri and rihanna
8. Favorite number? 21 bc im v v close and i’ll be fully legal in a few months this is very exciting
9. Favorite drink? rn all i like besides water is super strong coffee that’s like 80% milk, overloaded with chocolate and cinnamon xD I get cold easily but i hate not wearing shorts, so i always have a mug with me :p (this wasnt what the question wanted im sorry) oh and i love messing with diff teas (even tho sometimes things end up in the trash bc ew)

Oh o o o, tere hoke rahenge

Oh o o o, dil zid pe ada hai

Oh o o o, tere hoke rahenge

Oh o o o, tera shauk chada hai